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Welcome to Haibeck Automotive Technology

The ZR-1 Specialist

Joe Shown's 660 HP 415. Details.

Joe's 415 ran 185.3 mph in the standing mile at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge. The event was run in Arnold Nebraska, elevation 2,700 feet.

Our 730 HP LS9 for the C6 ZR1

For LS9 details go to the bottom of this page.

We have completed Dave McLellan's upgrade project. Click here for details.


Upgrades, upgrade packages and our manufactured parts.


Maintenance and repair.

The Shop

A look at the shop. Directions to the shop. Accommodations. Transporters.


Technical information from ZR-1 publications.


Technical seminars from ZR-1 Gatherings.

Technical Information

General technical information.

Parts For Sale

Our Favorite Links

Facts and Failures

Miscellaneous ZR-1 information. Interesting parts failures.

About Us

Purchase AMSOIL

"I have owned many performance cars over the years, and this car is by far the one that has captured the reason why I have loved cars my entire life." --ZR-1 owner Keith Crandall in Washington state.-- 

"He fell asleep with his head against the window. He said an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind." Minutes to Memories - John Mellencamp

- A ZR-1 calibration pack, also known as a chip. Any model year, $50.
- A defective ZR-1 ECM. Any model year, $100.
- '85 to '91 Corvette L98 calibration pack. The silver GM label must not be disturbed.
  Contact us with the three or four letter code on the silver label. $50.

Contact Information

Telephone and FAX
Shipping Address
430D West Kay Avenue Unit D, Addison, Illinois, 60101-4934  USA
When shipping to us via FedEx or UPS. We open at 10:30 am. Select a shipping class that is delivered after 10:30 am. Or use the, "signature not required option". Otherwise the package will not be delivered if it arrives before we open.
Electronic Mail
Our PayPal address is mhaibeck@sbcglobal.net
To make a purchase with a credit card, call 630-458-8427 during business hours.
We are on Central Daylight Time. Also known as Chicago time and UTC/GMT -05:00.
We are rated A+ with the BBB. To view our BBB report click on the BBB logo below.
Haibeck Automotive Technology, Auto Repair & Service, Addison, IL

 Updated 24-Oct-20