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    Haibeck Automotive Technology



Start-Up Engine Rattle
Battery Care
The ZR-1 As a Fuel Tanker
Evidence that DexCool Harms the Cylinder Head Gasket
Finding and Fixing Oil Leaks on the LT5
Fuel Injector Replacement
Upper Chain Guide Wear Strip
Modern Motor Oil and the LT5 Engine
Filling the LT5 With Coolant
Oil Filters
Running on the Secondaries
Measuring Fuel Injector Resistance With the Plenum in Place
Multec Fuel Injectors
Verifying the Operation of the Secondary Port Throttles With the Plenum in Place
Secondary Port Mismatch
Timing the Cams on the LT5
The Role of the Knock Sensor
Exhaust System Back Pressure
Gearing And The Force of Acceleration
CD Player Skip

The Legend was published by the first ZR-1 owners group, The ZR-1 Registry, from 1995 to 1999.

The King of the Hill was published by the second ZR-1 owners group, The LT5 Registry, from 2000 to 2002.

The Heart of the Beast is published by the third ZR-1 owners group, The ZR-1 Net Registry, from 2002 to present.