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Oversize Steering Column Pivot Pin

This product can reduce excessive tilt steering column looseness. The oversize pin is a problem solver. It is an easy repair alternative to replacing the steering column housing.

Note that the steering wheel on a new C4 ZR-1 will move about 1/4" down and to the left when pulling on the steering wheel. 1/4" movement is normal and can not be reduced with the oversize pin. The pin will reduce the movement if it is more than 1/4".

The OE pivot pin is steel and does not wear. The problem is with the aluminum column housing. If the tilt mechanism is used a lot the bore in the casting gets worn.

The pin is easy to install. Drop the steering column by removing the two fasteners with the 15 mm heads. Remove the plastic cover over the base of the turn signal stalk to access the pin. The arrow points to the pin. Remove the pin by inserting a screw in the threaded hole and pulling while pulling the steering wheel to the left and down. Insert the oversize pin.

The right side pivot pin does not need to be replaced. Most of the wear is on the left pin hole. The pin will fit on the right side if you wish to replace it. Extensive disassembly of the column is necessary to access the right pin.

    The cost of the pin is $50.

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Last modified: 29-May-14