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Rear Axle Gears

Upgrading the rear axle gear ratio probably has the best benefit per dollar with respect to major upgrades. The 4.10 ratio is the most popular upgrade. 3.73 and 4.30 ratios are also available.

The principle benefits of a 4.10 ratio are:

- 16% more torque to the wheels at all car and engine speeds.

- Sixth gear becomes a useful gear. The car can be maneuvered in traffic at 65 mph without downshifting.

- It has a broadening effect on the useful power band for the LT5. The throttle response is as good at 3000 rpm as it is at 4000 rpm with the OE 3.45 gear ratio.

- Incredible throttle response in first and second gears.

- The car completes the quarter mile in fourth gear at peak power. 6000 rpm for a 400 hp engine. 6400 rpm for a 500 hp engine.

The installation includes; Removal and replacement of the gear case assembly, A Dana Super 44 Plus gear set, Four Timken bearings, Three National seals, Amsoil 75W-90 synthetic lubricant, The friction modifier additive, and Speedometer correction gears.

4.10 $2160. 4.30 $2105. 3.73 $1715.

Optional drain plug, $40.

A gear case assembly can be shipped in for a gear set upgrade. The installation includes; A Dana gear set, Four Timken bearings, Three National seals and Speedmeter correction gears. 4.10 $1800. 4.30 $1745. 3.73 $1355., plus packing and shipping.

The Dana gears will run quietly if a contact pattern like this is obtained. A good contact pattern is large and has rounded edges. Over the years Bob and I have installed over 65 of these gear sets.

4.10 ratio RPM Verses MPH Chart